Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Good morning all.
I seemed to have missed a couple of WOYWW weeks somewhere!
I was busy helping Maxine with craft fairs etc and time just flew by. I didn't even have time to visit a few desks - so apologies to all - I missed having a good snoop round!

I have had a little time for crafting since then and managed to finish a few more twiddle mitts.

I have about four that just needs trimming up and stitching together and then that will be it until after Christmas.

Yesterday I found time to make a few Christmas cards - nothing very original but I enjoyed dabbling with fabric and my sewing machine for an hour or two.

On Saturday I am going to help Annie with her craft fair so, let's hope lots of folk turn out for it - she has made some beautiful items  - check out her FB page if you want to know more...Sewing by Annie

That's it for this week.

I hope you are all well.
Looking forward to seeing what you are all up to.

Have a great week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Good morning all!
I can't believe I missed last weeks WOYWW.
I came to the computer to do my post only to realise it was Thursday!!!!

So this week I am determined not to miss it!

It has to be a quickie as I have loads of work to do.
I spent all day yesterday sewing a moses basket cover so now I have to catch up on everything else.
I will post the basket cover next week.
In the meantime here's this week's makes.
They all sold quickly at the Bog Centre where Maxine sells some of her pictures.
Hopefully it will have made a few pennies for their funds.

 Terry's chocolate orange Christmas puds - I made ten and popped the chocs inside too.
These are little lavender dollies - cute but a bit time consuming. (Pattern by Dollytime)

Well that's it for this week.
Thanks for calling by.

Hope you are well and keeping wrapped up warmly - it's been decidedly chilly down here for a few days.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


My work table is empty but, for once, I have a little something crafty to share with you.
Ben wanted a little wolf outfit for Halloween so, Maxine arrived on Friday with a piece of grey fur fabric.
By Saturday it had been transformed into a little hood with wolfy wristlets and leg warmer paws.
It just goes to show what you can do with a bit of time and imagination! I have never made one before but it all fell into place so easily - sometimes I think I am channelling my dressmaker Grandma who could do all sorts of clever stuff.
Here is the boy wearing it.....

He loved it and, of course, Nanny had to go on a wolf hunt to find him in the garden so that he could jump out and scare me!

That's it for this week.
Today I am having a trip to Ikea to buy frames with Tilly Tea Dance!

Have a great week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Just a few random items on Jo's spotty table today!

Sewing scissors, paper scissors, "other" scissors - why do we need so many?? I must have at least a dozen pairs throughout the house and each pair is used for differerent eventualities! Plus of course my handy little thread snuippers - there are lots of those around too.

The red thing in the middle is a knitting thimble which came from Caricrafts (I use them for all my urgent haberdashery needs, as they provide an excellent, fast service and are very reasonably priced too.)
Now, I have never used a knitting thimble but it appears to have little knobs that you can hook your yarn round when using various colours together - so it might be a useful little item - time will tell.

The little sheep brooches are Maxine's finished items waiting for me to package up ready for her Tilly Tea Dance Christmas fairs.

AND peeping in at the edge are Ben's "Thank You" card photos. He is growing up so quickly and is such a happy little chap.

So, that's my lot for WOYWW today.
I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine on this beautiful Autumn morning.

Thanks for calling by.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


My desk is untouched but this little character wandered out into the garden to check out my greenery ready for Christmas! Ben loves her, so I think I might have to come up with another similar outfit for his ted too.

I have spent a bit of time in my sewing room tearing up strips for my locker hooked rug. It will be a labour of love I think. Quite time consuming but relaxing at the same time as it is so repetitive. I will reveal a little bit of it next week but don't get too excited!

Short and sweet this week. Thanks to all who call into my blog and leave lovely comments. I hope I can get back to you all but I still have problems with Google+ so may not be able to leave comments if you use this - but I always pop over and have a good snoop at your WOYWW post!

xxx Jo